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Deflect Retail Banking Cases Solution Kit

Deflect Retail Banking Cases Solution Kit


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Deflect Retail Banking Cases
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Deflect Retail Banking Cases
Design Considerations


Manage a high volume of customer service requests related to retail banking

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This kit helps financial institutions handle a high volume of service requests Salesforce cross cloud tools provide digital channels to
manage this anticipated volume The tools in this solution kit address customers needs responsively while reducing traffic to call centers
and adding visibility to the process
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This solution kit helps you
Drive customers to information and solutions delivered via digital channels
Automate simple case requests to offload call center volume
Deliver a personalized customer experience when you connect Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud
Limit human interactions on cases that require a phone conversation because of sensitive or specific information
Track the solutions impact against your call center and financial portfolio

Required Products
Marketing Cloud Enterprise

Deflect Retail Banking Cases


Experience Cloud
Einstein Bots
Service Cloud
Learn how data flows through the configurations when you deflect retail banking cases
Design Considerations
Keep these design considerations in mind when you deflect retail banking cases
Use these configurations to deflect retail banking cases


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Learn how data flows through the configurations when you deflect retail banking cases


This diagram illustrates the retail banking case deflection workflow
Marketing Cloud creates a personalized email or ad campaign based on the customers profile
The customer opens the email or campaign communication

Deflect Retail Banking Cases

Design Considerations

The customer is directed to the Experience Cloud portal for more information
The chatbot affirms the customers eligibility based on profile attributes

A case is created using the information the chatbot received

Marketing Cloud updates the customers risk profile
Marketing Cloud automatically triggers a followup request for the customer
The customer receives updates via their preferred method of communication

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Design Considerations

Design Considerations
Keep these design considerations in mind when you deflect retail banking cases

Key Considerations
Understand your choices when deflecting retail bank cases
Use Einstein Bots vs WebtoCase
To ease your service agents loads consider Einstein Bots Bots can answer questions handle intake and capture requests that dont
require a person to respond That frees your agents to handle more complex issues Bots also can gather prechat information to save
your agents time Use bots as a way to help deflect large volumes of cases You can use WebtoCase or existing process automation as
an alternative to bots
Weigh Pros and Cons of an Experience Cloud Portal Versus an Existing Website

Experience Cloud portals provide an easy way to extend information that already resides in your CRM directly to customers Your current

website and CRM practices can seem to adequately expose cases and any customer details that youre tracking without taking on the

task of building a portal And Your customers can also employ an existing website for capabilities such as single signon However after

you integrate its Experience Cloud portals integrated with your CRM Experience Cloud portals offer you solution that requires little

development The portals tie directly into your service platform and reduce traffic to your call center for highvolume requests
Secure Your Experience Cloud Site
For public unauthenticated portals follow the best practices guidelines on securing your Experience Cloud site
Secure Confidential Data
Use Salesforce Shield and platform encryption for your highly confidential data

Performance and Scalability Considerations
The performance and scalability of your case deflection solution are crucial to its success
Consider these attributes that enhance performance

Deflect Retail Banking Cases


Make user creation and registration lightweight and asynchronous Consider performing operations in batches
Understand the performance implications of concurrency on landing pages Perform robust performance testing to examine the
effects of custom components on a single page and the total registered users Avoid hitting limits for Experience Cloud portals
Consider the design complexity of landing pages Analyze the number of custom components on a single page and the complexity
of the sharing sets in your Salesforce environment

Improve performance by setting up a Salesforce Experience Cloud Content Delivery Network CDN

Enable Event Monitoring and set up dashboards to watch frontend and backend performance
Review the Concurrency Limits Module and volumesensitive Governor Limits doc

Scaling under load is key to success Work with your account team and CSM to determine the best approach if you expect new users to

be registered or created at high volumes in a short time Consider these resources for more on scaling limitations and guardrails
Flow Limits and Considerations
Experience Cloud Sites Usage Allocation

Recommended AppExchange Apps
Incorporating eSignature capability is a timesaving way to advance necessary document processing
The DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce app is a powerful convenient and legal way to remotely register customer signoff on necessary

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Use these configurations to deflect retail banking cases
The Deflect Case Volume solution configures crosscloud Salesforce products to work together The key components are Marketing
Cloud Customer Portals Einstein Bots and Service Cloud Salesforce administrators can build dashboards to track and analyze the

Step Configure the Campaign in Marketing Cloud
Find customers who are most likely to qualify for a request and target them with an email campaign The email contains links to a
selfservice customer portal
Use Marketing Cloud to create a profile of atrisk customers Then configure and launch an email campaign to invite customers to get
started on their requests via the portal
Setup Marketing Cloud Connect

Deflect Retail Banking Cases


Build and configure the email campaign to target customers profiles most likely to be at risk
Set up mass emails to throttle down in anticipation of heavy response rate
Drive recipients to the customer authentication portal via a link in the email

Step Set Up a Customer Portal in Experience Cloud

Create a Knowledge Base KB with informative articles on case processing Assign KB owners and create a process to update articles as

new laws and best practices emerge Create a channel menu and an Einstein Bot to deflect call traffic and link to the KB

The goal of this step is to create a selfservice digital portal The portal informs customers as they create case requests

Build out a Knowledge Base KB with articles that inform customers about COVID topics with a focus on potential implementations

and the latest updates

Identify key personnel to update KB articles as changes in government mandates arise Build out a review and approval process to

expedite those updates
To drive customers to digital channels implement a channel menu
Consider audiencetargeted content based on the customer profile in the Experience Cloud site
To handle basic call deflection and link to knowledge base articles implement an Einstein Bot

Step Define Process Automation with an Einstein Bot
Gather existing customer and desired case data and request customer buyin on a preferred communication protocol to track progress
Create a bot to update records across Salesforce Service Cloud
This task assures that customerprovided data and case requests are processed and obtain buyin from customer on how best to update
Gather data from the customer regarding the case request

Create an Einstein Bot that updates existing CRM platforms Salesforce Service Cloud with immediate shortterm extensions to other

backend processing systems
Validate that followups to customers use their preferred contact methods and that customers have given consent to be contacted
Incorporate email followups and confirmation with optional esignature integration that confirm case requests

Identify the desired means of communication for future contact such as phone email or SMS

Step Configure Service Cloud to Manage Requests
Create a case management process to handle a range of highvolume case request scenarios Set up an internal Knowledge Base to
inform decisionmakers of the latest government and institutional mandates
Establish criteria for customers at further risk of default that divert them to the best available courses of action
Establish key milestones and escalation paths based on corporate standards and mandated government guidelines
Create custom record types case routing and management processes for case requests
Identify key document requirements and internal processes and procedures for verification

Create an internal KB containing article updates to CARES Act requirements

Link existing available information to case records
Create processes and workflows that support case processing

Deflect Retail Banking Cases


Step Configure Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud
Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Journey Builder to automate updates and notifications as customer cases are processed
This key component task automates much of the case management including issuing updates to customers It does so by establishing
a process that is standardized yet responds to customerspecific concerns
Configure the entry event for Journey Interaction based on the customer profile in the case
To automate updates on cases and create tasks or any other followup actions for case servicing specialists use Journey Builder
Automate notification messages based on updates to case stages or customerrequired steps See Service Cloud case management
Include notifications that reflect the preference options offered to the customer in the bot and stored within the case data

Step Use Dashboards to Track and Analyze the Solution
Create dashboards that follow key metrics The dashboards provide insights into how well the solution is meeting expectations Dashboard
reports can also indicate areas of improvement
This key component task provides visibility to the success and impact of case deflections
Identify and build dashboards that capture and display performance data for tracking the initiative including
Call volume and throughput
Financial portfolio impacts
Current stage and process metrics
Call resolution metrics
Compliance documentation updates to customer facing and internal KBs

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Deflect Retail Banking Cases


Design Considerations


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