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Salesforce Mailmerge

Salesforce Mailmerge


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A mail merge is the process of generating form letters and other Microsoft Word documents that are

personalized for the recipient who is often a contact or lead The content of each document is predefined
in a mail merge template Mail merge templates include variables called merge fields where data from
your Salesforce recordsfor example a contacts name and addressdisplays in the generated document
Note Salesforce offers a mass mail merge wizard as an alternative to the process described in this
tip sheet For more information contact Salesforce and ask about Extended Mail Merge

Creating Mail Merge Documents
To create a single mail merge document for one contact or lead click the Mail Merge button in the
Activity History related list of a contact lead or opportunity
To create a bulk mail merge document from Salesforce data
Generate your source data by running a Salesforce report and exporting it to an Excel file
a From the Reports tab run a report to generate all of the data that you want to merge into an
external Word document If you are doing an email merge be sure to include the Email field in
this report
b After the report displays click Export Details In the File Download dialog box select Save this
file to disk Then in the Save As dialog box enter a file name and set the default file type to csv
c Open the newlycreated csv file in Excel Delete any empty header rows so that the first row
contains the column headers Then choose File Save to save the file as type xls Make sure that
the Excel file includes column headers and doesnt contain blank rows
d Close the prepared Excel source file
Open Microsoft Word
Open or create the desired Word template document and enter only the static text for the form letter
In a later step you will add the merge fields that will be replaced with your Salesforce data when you
generate the merged document
Tip To create a form letter without a template or to create mailing labels or envelopes click
New to open a blank document

Using Older Versions
of Word and Excel

Choose Mail Merge from the Tools menu in Word

These steps may reflect older
versions of Excel and Word
than you currently use

Click Active Window to create form letters from the currently active template or New Main
Document to work from a blank template

In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box click Create and select the type of document to create

Back in the Mail Merge Helper dialog box click Get Data and then select Open Data Source
In the Open Data Source dialog box open the folder that contains the Microsoft Excel file you just

saved from your Salesforce report In the Files of type box select MS Excel Worksheets xls

Then doubleclick the file that contains your data

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Salesforce Bulk Mail Merge Process

Creating Mail Merge Documents

In the Microsoft Excel dialog box select the named range or enter the cell references that identify the

data you want to use Then click OK

When Microsoft Word prompts you click Edit Main Document or Set Up Main Document Word
then adds the Mail Merge toolbar to the screen
Use the Insert Merge Field dropdown list on the Mail Merge toolbar to insert merge fields within
the templates static text
Note If youre printing address labels or envelopes select the printer and the size of address
labels or envelopes Then insert the merge fields in the Create Labels or Envelope Address dialog
After inserting all of your merge fields click the Mail Merge Helper icon on the Mail Merge toolbar
In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box click Merge
From Merge To menu on the Merge dialog box select one of the following options to merge to a
new document printer or email
New documentCreates a single Word file with multiple sections each containing a different
iteration of the template with merged data
PrinterSends the merged file directly to the default printer and prints a new document for each
iteration of the template with merged data
Electronic mailMerges to Microsoft Outlook and sends a separate email for each iteration of
the template with merged data
If you are merging to email you must click Setup prior to clicking Merge Clicking Setup opens
the Merge To Setup dialog box From this dialog first select the field for example the Excel
column in the dropdown list that contains your email addresses Then enter the subject line that
you want to appear on your outgoing email You can also select the checkbox if you want your
document sent as an attachment rather than as body text
Click Merge to complete the process
For more information about creating merged documents in Word use the Office Assistant or Help
index in Word to search for mail merge
Tip To display only the rows of data you want to merge before you select the list in Word you can
first filter the list in Microsoft Excel When you select a filtered list as a data source in Word select
FilterDatabase in the Microsoft Excel dialog box