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Salesforce Solutions Cheatsheet

Salesforce Solutions Cheatsheet


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Basic Solution Structure

Resolve cases efficiently with
highquality solutions Use a
consistent structure and
customerfocused content

Give all of your organizations solutions the same basic structure
Provide a brief explanation of what the solution is about
Describe the customers problem or what they are trying to do
Restate or paraphrase the customers question or problem
Provide all information to identify and resolve the customers problem
Identify all symptomswhat is the customer experiencing
Identify the product areawhere is the problem occurring
Explain the causewhat is the main cause of the problem
Provide the fixhow is the problem resolved
If multiple steps are involved number them clearly and put them on separate lines for easier

Qualities of Good Solutions
Ensure that your organizations solutions have the following qualities
Clear Language
Use language that the average customer would understand
Applicable Content
Think of the content as a potential email to a wide audience Remove all customerspecific information
Easy to Read
Make it easy to read Use line breaks bullets and numbering appropriately
Include keywords so the solution is easily found in searches
Organize similar solutions into categories Each solution can belong to more than one category Limit
the number of categories to which a solution belongs If you put solutions into only the most relevant
categories they will be easier for users and customers to find For more information see Categorizing
Make it easy for your customers to find solutions by making them available on your SelfService portal
Customer Portal or public solutions

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Tips Hints for Solutions

More Tips on Writing
For more recommendations
see Tips on Writing Solutions

Sample Solution

Sample Solution
The following is a sample of a wellwritten solution

How do I add more users to my organization

Administrators and users with the Manage Internal Users permission have the ability to add additional
From Setup enter Users in the Quick Find box then select Users
Click the New User button
Enter the users name email address and other personal information
Select a profile such as Standard User to specify the functions the user is allowed to perform
Click Save to complete the process

Solution Review Process
When reviewing solutions
Check for duplicatesenter a few keywords in the solution search to ensure it is unique
Review the contentevaluate the solution for good structure and content
Set statuschange the solutions Status to Reviewed
Publishselect the Visible in SelfService Portal checkbox to make the solution
available to your customers through the SelfService portal and Customer Portal Select the Visible
in Public Knowledge Base checkbox to make it available from public solutions This field
only applies to solutions not articles in the public knowledge base
Note Starting with Spring the SelfService portal isnt available for new orgs Existing orgs
continue to have access to the SelfService portal

About Solution Managers
Solution Managers should be senior support representatives with expert product knowledge and
excellent written communication skills
Solution Managers are responsible for reviewing all solutions and coaching other representatives on
how to write good solutions
Administrators can make a user a Solution Manager from Setup by entering Users in the Quick
Find box then selecting Users and changing the users profile to Solution Manager

HTML Solutions

Your administrator can enable HTML solutions for your organization Note the following when using HTML


HTML solutions replace text solutions You cannot use both formats

If you open a text solution in the HTML editor and save it it becomes an HTML solution You may need

to reformat solutions that were previously in text format

Images and HTML tags are removed from HTML solutions when they are displayed in list views search

results or reports Images and HTML tags are included in the Printable View

Tips Hints for Solutions

Special Features of Solutions

HTML solutions are available to SelfService portal Customer Portal public solutions and Salesforce


HTML solutions can be created in any of the languages supported by Salesforce

Special Features of Solutions
You can attach a file to any solution so that the file can be emailed Modify the Case Response email
template to include the SolutionAttachments field

You can embed hyperlinks in solutions by entering them as a URL

Multilingual solutions allow you to translate your solutions into different languages For more
information see Multilingual Solutions Overview
Suggested solutions allow users and customers to potentially solve their own cases by displaying
relevant solutions when a case is submitted or viewed For more information see Suggested Solutions