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Salesforce1 Guide

Salesforce1 Guide


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Salesforce Mobile App Developer Guide
Version Summer

Written by
Dianne Siebold
Samantha Ready
Michelle ChapmanThurber
With contributions by
Michael Alderete
Cliff Armstrong
Jay Hurst
Dean Moses
Tammy Rahn
Samantha Reynard
Jim Sinai
Quinton Wall
Emily Wilska

Discover both the declarative pointandclick and the programmatic codebased
features of Salesforce Learn how you can optimize existing features such as
Visualforce pages and quick actions for the Salesforce mobile experience as we
walk you through the process of making an existing organization mobileready

Salesforce Mobile App Developer Guide
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Chapter Looking for something


Looking for something
Weve retired the Salesforce App Developer Guide but the best and most
relevant of its content lives on
For information on Salesforce mobile app administration visit Salesforce
Help Salesforce Mobile App and Trailhead Salesforce Mobile App
For information on Visualforce development check out the Visualforce
Developer Guide