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Workbook Flow

Workbook Flow


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Cloud Flow Designer Workbook
Before You Begin a Flow Tutorial
Flows and the Cloud Flow Designer
Sample Scenario for Each Flow Tutorial
What Youll Learn in Each Flow Tutorial

A Work Environment for Your Flow Tutorials

Measure Customer Satisfaction
Step Ask the Customer to Participate in the Survey
Step Save the Flow
Step Direct the Representative to the Right Place in the Script
Step Survey the Customer
Step Record the Survey Responses in Salesforce
Step Thank the Customer
Step Implement the Flow Using a Web Tab
Step Test the Flow
Calculate Discounts on Opportunities
Step Create the Flow and Add Variables
Step Save the Flow
Step Find the Account Associated with the Opportunity
Step Determine the Right Discount to Apply
Step Assign Numerical Values to Discounts
Step Update the Opportunity with the Discount
Step Implement the Flow with a Custom Button
Step Customize the Opportunity Page Layout
Step Create a Sample Opportunity
Step Test the Flow
Reassign Accounts
Step Collect Email Addresses
Step Save the Flow
Step Match Usernames to Salesforce Users
Step Find the Accounts You Want to Reassign
Step Reassign Accounts
Step Update the Account Records
Step Confirm the Updates
Step Email the New Account Owners
Step Implement the Flow by Using a Visualforce Tab
Step Test the Flow